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Welcome To Our Community

The vision we have started by making an impact on the lives of many people that have decided to make use of our technology and services. Our mission statement is aimed towards community consciousness, with a brighter more conscious individual. This synergy will, in turn, benefit the community in an exciting new way.

Our initiatives are community focused and are aimed at taking an active role in both local and international organisations, offering them a long-term strategic partnership.

For our users we guarantee security, trust and liability and we emphasise the usage of this service for the benefit of all. We have researched and specialized our work to include all the possible options for optimizing your items and our focus is to target the right buyers for our sellers with our professional networking skills, marketing campaigns and other services that we provide, specifically Digital Marketing services for businesses is an efficient, and cost effective way to get immediate results.

Proper research, passion and dedication was put into our work, this was done in order to help you, the user, locate the best buyers and/or sellers available within the local community. Secondhand.com.mt was brought to you by EpicGrowth.com– The Digital Marketing Agency along with its calling and purpose of giving a professional consultancy service for anyone looking to succeed on-line.

Our Team is young and dynamic, with great success in our field, We are well organised and focused on bringing our ideas and more importantly those of our clients into fruition.

You can use second hand to buy, sell or trade, To get started with our free of charge services we need you to create a profile with the details that are required to make use of our customized services either via your Facebook account or email signup which is then used to get ratings and reviews on your profile which sellers can then view and use to buy, sell or trade.

Need Advertising? – Get started today! Simply, call +356 2728 5271 for new business enquiries.

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Supporting Local Charity Inspire

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