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Supporting Local Charity Inspire

Inspire Foundation is a NGO that helps and inspires people of all ages that are different. It provides individuals and their families with educational, therapeutic and leisure services, advocating for inclusion as well as educating the general public in raising their awareness to change the way the system treats people that require special needs. It’s peers serve something greater than themselves and volunteer to aid and even grow to see people with certain disabilities excel in today’s society. All these years they have been working on projects that motivates this notion and have created spaces and events for these people. We can never thank them enough for their hard work, time and determination in caring for a part of our society and its people with needs that are special, unique and specific. 

Epic Growth and its peers share a similar vision. To serve, educate and inspire the community in the areas of conscious business and technology, always finding new and easier ways in making the community a better place for everyone. Our projects entail services and values that enrich the people using them, just as the web service, that was created to provide a better service and experience to that of a buyer and seller, in junction with a more advanced, technological and easy method of communication and transparency. Embodying it’s main goal which is to help improve the local trading community.

“In our meetings,  we have introduced ourselves and what we stand for and found a lot of common values, being such organisations that have kept it about their mission.  In the process of our meetings we found out that Inspire have charity shops that sell used items that are given to the organisation for donation, but there was a need for them to sell the items for the money to be invested in projects.” “ That Is when our director JP Stivala came up with what we are here to present to you today. An Online Market that showcases the items donated to Inspire where every item is uploaded onto our website with its full details.”

“Our Webservice is taken care of and is being developed daily, making it an online service that provides the right technology and systems for the community, from chat services that are friendly and can help you get what you are looking for, location tracking as well as delivery services with more services and projects that are still in development.“


Everyone is buying unwanted items

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Welcome To Our Community

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